some close-ups of Yoongi’s lips bc daaamn

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TRACK: MAMA (more like 'i hate you kai, i'm gonna sing your group's song and make fun of your parts' song)
ARTIST: Taeman (lol wat?) (ft. rapperBlingBling & VocalBum)
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  • Taemin singing a messed up version of MAMA as a revenge because Kai didn’t win he did it on propose. dat bitch lol the Speed Quiz of Friendship.

supposed MAMA fanchant by Lee Taemin :

Kim Jongin

Park Chanyeol

Kim Joomyeon

Oh Sehun



Luhan (da fuck Tae’, Luhan’s in M. are u on drugs lmao)

Oppa saranghaeyo~ (seems like he forgot about Soo and Baek lol)

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kris in philosophy class


teacher: now class, i want you to answer this question. what is life?

kris: *raises his hand* ball is life

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chanyeol making fun of suho’s dance
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when namjoon was gonna give taehyung a high five but taehyung didn’t see it.

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this is still the best story ever told at a talk show